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Preparing for Battle

Southern Baptists and Florida Baptists are rightfully concerned about providing the greatest support possible for missions. I truly believe that some of our best mission dollars are spent on providing the highest quality theological education available for those who will be serving in the future. A lack of solid preparation will lead to catastrophic results. Some ask if we can afford to provide top quality Christian education as Florida Baptists. My question is "Can we afford not to provide the best in Christian higher education for our Florida students?" The answer is a resounding NO! We dare not send a new generation out into battle with anything less than the finest in preparation.

Some of the distinctive aspects of your Baptist College of Florida can be seen below:
~One of the least expensive Baptist colleges in America.
~One of the highest percentages of graduates entering Christian ministry in America.
~Recently named as the third safest college campus in Florida.
~All students are Christians recommended for enrollment by their churches and pastors.
~All students affirm that they have accepted Christ as savior and Lord and have surrendered all that they are and have to Him.
~All faculty members are active Christians with all career faculty being Southern Baptists.
~All courses of study are immersed in a biblical Christian worldview.
~All students participate in personal evangelism sharing their faith.
~All students receive the equivalent of a minor in biblical and theological studies.
~Approximately 90% of faculty members have terminal degrees and years of experience in their fields of study.

This list could go on for quite a while, but I hope that you get something of the idea of what makes your Baptist College of Florida distinctive.

At The Baptist College of Florida, we treasure the fact that we are members of the family of the Florida Baptist Convention. We share the same heart for evangelism, church planting, and church revitalization. Sometimes I have folks who will contact me and share the things they think that I could do to make the College and the world better. Please let me share with you what you can do for your Baptist College of Florida and for our Lord's Kingdom:

~Pray for your Baptist College of Florida.
~Be sold out supporters of the Cooperative Program.
~Attend The Baptist College of Florida.
~Send your children and church members to The Baptist College of Florida!

20/20 Vision

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Matthew 6:26

Breaking News - Online Degrees

Study and Serve At Home

Recently your Baptist College of Florida (BCF) received approval to offer all of our degree programs online. This approval comes after over a decade of working to develop a comprehensive distance education program at the college. We are grateful for this great step forward in the provision of top quality Christian education across our state and beyond. No longer does a student have to move to another location to pursue a degree. Across Florida the degrees are available where you live and serve. If you have been waiting to begin a degree program or to complete one that you began earlier, your time has come! We now have distance education programs in five academic divisions representing almost twenty degrees. The approval of this program is truly an answer to prayer. I hope that you will take advantage of this fantastic opportunity by contacting our Admissions Office at 800.328.2660 ext. 460 or www.baptistcollege.edu.

20/20 Vision: A Focused Plan for a Brighter Future

In May 2013, the Board of Trustees of The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) approved a new Master Plan for the redevelopment and expansion of the Graceville campus. This new campus will provide us with classrooms, student housing, meeting spaces, and technology centers that will enable us to support a growing student body well into the twenty-first century. Our world desperately needs the new generations of Christian leaders who will be educated and trained on this new campus. The task is too great for any one of us individually, but it is not too big for all of us as we follow our Lord's direction. I will be sharing more information with you at a later date. AT THIS POINT, PLEASE JOIN ME IN PRAYER THAT OUR LORD WILL GIVE US THE VISION AND WISDOM TO FOLLOW WHAT I AM CONVINCED IS A VISION GIVEN DIRECTLY BY HIM. The Vision is clear; the Time is now; Our God is able.