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Contemporary Worship Ministry

The Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Worship Ministry degree is designed to prepare graduates for successful roles as contemporary worship leaders, ministers of music, music media and technology ministers, or Christian artists and performers.

In addition to developing strong musical skills that every musician needs for successful ministry and leadership, the Contemporary Worship Degree assists students in gaining a biblical understanding of worship, knowledge of the use of arts and technology in worship, and practical skills in administrating a worship ministry. All students in the BM in Contemporary Worship Ministry Degree complete a field experience practicum. This is just one more practical aspect to education and preparation at BCF!

Contemporary Worship Ministry Course Requirements | 120 Total Hours

General Education Foundation (33 hours)

Specializations required within the General Education Foundation
  • MH 403 Music History: Antiquity through Baroque*
  • MH 404 Music History: Classical through 20th Century*
  • SCI 201 Introduction to Biological Science
  • MU 202 Technology for Music Ministry OR
    MUE 360 Technology for the Music Classroom

Biblical/Theological Foundation (18 hours)

Major (69 hours)

Music Theory (16 hours)
  • MT 101 Elementary Harmony
  • MT 102 Intermediate Harmony
  • MT 103 Sight Singing/Ear-Training I
  • MT 104 Sight Singing/Ear-Training II
  • MT 201 Advanced Harmony I
  • MT 202 Advanced Harmony II
  • MT 203 Sight Singing and Ear Training III
  • MT 204 Sight Singing and Ear Training IV
Conducting (9 hours)
  • MC 210 Basic Conducting
  • MC 310 Advanced Choral Conducting and Literature
  • MC 410 Advanced Instrumental Conducting and Literature
Music History (2 hours)
  • MH 201 Music Literature
  • MH 403 Music History: Antiquity through Baroque*
  • MH 404 Music History: Classical through 20th Century*
Applied Music (14 Hours)
  • Applied Principal - Guitar, Organ, Piano, Voice, Instrumental (8 hours, 3 hours must be upper level)
  • Applied Secondary - Piano or Voice (4 hours)
  • Upper level applied course (Choose one course related to principal)
  • MUS 101 Recital Lab (each semester)
Ensembles (5 hours)
  • ME Music Ensemble (8 semester hours according to principal)(8 hours)**
Worship Theology, History and Philosophy (6 hours)
  • MU 201 Introduction to Church Music
  • MU 300 Foundations for Worship
  • MU 303 Worship Song Literature
Worship Ministry Administration and Practice (Choose 10 hours)
  • MU 208 Worship Team Leadership (2 hours)
  • MU 330 Musical Drama (2 hours)
  • MU 401 Use of the Arts in Worship (2 hours)
  • MG 215 Guitar for Contemporary Worship (2 hours)
  • MU 309 Rhythm Section Methods (2 hours)
  • MU 409 Songwriting for Contemporary Worship (1 hour)
  • MU 414 Materials and Methods for Age Group Music Ministry (2 hours)
Worship Technology (Choose 5 hours)
  • MUT 301 Advanced Finale (2 hours)
  • MUT 302 Visual Media (2 hours)
  • MUT 303 Sequencing and Recording (3 hours)
  • MUT 304 Digital Sound/Multimedia Design I (3 hours)
Summative Experiences
  • MU 415 Field Experience Practicum
  • MU 420 Senior Recital or Project

Note: Those students who fail to take and pass the computer proficiency examination must take IT 101

* Hours counted in General Education and in total.
** 3 Hours of ensemble credit are counted in General Education and in total.

College Catalog

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