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Elementary Education Major

The major in Elementary Education is designed to prepare an individual for teaching kindergarten through 6th grade in the public or private school field.

Elementary Education Course Requirements | 127 Total Hours

General Education Foundation (33 hours)

Specializations within General Education Foundation
  • MA 230 College Algebra (3 hours)
  • SCI 201 Introduction to Biological Science (3 hours)
  • EDU 2040 Information Technology for Educators(3 hours)
  • EDU 2020 Integrating Art and Music (3 hours)
    (This course maybe substituted for HUM 101)
Additional Requirements (15 hours)
  • MA 210 Geometry (3 hours)
  • MA 220 Finite Math (3 hours)
  • SCI 202 Introduction to Earth Science (3 hours)
  • SCI 203 Physical Science (3 hours)
  • Any additional 3 hours in Western Civilization, American History, or Geography

Biblical/Theological Foundation (18 hours)

Major (61 hours)

Professional Education
  • EDU 2000 Field Experiences I
  • EDU 2005 Foundations and Curriculum of Education
  • EDU 2010 Psychology of Teaching and Learning
  • EDU 3010 Classroom Management
  • EDU 3015 Survey of Special Education
  • EDU 3020 Measurement and Evaluation
Elementary Education
  • ESOL 3701 Teaching Diverse Populations
  • ESOL 3705 Theoretical Underpinnings of ESOL
  • RED 3005 Foundations of Reading: Early and Emergent Literacy
  • RED 3006 Disciplinary Literacy
  • RED 4001F Diagnosis and Remediation in Elementary Reading
  • RED 4002 Foundations and Applications of Differentiated Instruction in Reading
Internship I

Students are strongly advised to take the following courses as Internship I prior to Internship II.

  • EDU 4005F Teaching Language Arts in Elementary School
  • EDU 4010F Math Concepts and Methods for Elementary Teachers
  • EDU 4020F Teaching Science, Health, and Physical Education in Elementary School
  • EDU 4025F Teaching Social Studies in Elementary and Middle School
  • ESOL 3710F ESOL Curriculum and Methods
Internship II

Applications for Internship II are due the semester before students plan to take Internship II - February 15 for Fall entry and September 15 for Spring entry.

  • EDU 4090F Education Internship
  • RED 4005F Reading Practicum

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