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Missions Major

The Missions major is designed to provide undergraduate preparation for both career missionary service and for leadership of churches in missions and to equip students for various types of mission work throughout North America and the world and for graduate study in missions and/or related fields. With both classroom work and field experience required, the world is waiting for YOU to bring the unchanging Word.

BCF has graduates in service all over the world including the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Mexico, Brazil, Yemen, Mozambique, Canada, Sri Lanka and many other locations. This program features an intense concentration consisting of at least 18 hours solely focused on missions work, doctrine, methods, and practical experience. In addition, the degree requires theology, philosophy, history, apologetics, hermeneutics, 6 hours of a foreign language and 12 additional hours in Bible. YOU will be prepared to change the world!

B.A. in Missions Course Requirements | 124 Total Hours

General Education Foundation (33 hours)

Specializations within the General Education Foundation
  • HI 211 and HI 212
  • IT 202

General Electives (6 hours)

Biblical/Theological Foundation (18 hours)

Major (67 hours)

Missions Core (47 hours)
  • BI 212 Biblical Hermeneutics
  • BI, OT, and NT courses (9 hours)
  • MI 202 Introduction to Christian Missions
  • MI 205 History of Christian Missions
  • MI 301 Life on the Mission Field
  • MI 306 Cross-cultural Ministry
  • MI 311 Church Planting
  • MI 401 Missions Coordination in the Local Church
  • MI 404 World Religions
  • MI 410 Contemporary Strategies in Missions
  • EV 302 Leading a Church in Evangelism
  • TH 301 Christian Doctrine I
  • TH 302 Christian Doctrine II
  • TH 403 Apologetics
  • HI 304 Christian History
  • HI 405 History of Southern Baptists
6 hour of either of the following:
  • Preaching:
    • PR 220 Preparing Expository Sermons
    • PR 230 Preaching Practicum
  • Women's Studies
    • WS 201 Perspectives on Women's Studies and Ministry
    • WS 301 Ministry Skills for Women
    • WS 303 Theological Speech for Women
  • Education
    • EDU 2010 Psychology of Teaching and Learning OR
      PSY 310 The Psychology of Learning and Teaching
    • CE 301 Principles of Teaching
Missions Practica (9 hours of the following)
  • MI 321 Florida Church Starting Practicum
  • MI 322 North American Missions Practicum
  • MI 323 North American Missions Practicum
  • MI 324 International Missions Practicum I
  • MI 325 International Missions Practicum II
  • MI 419 Short-term Missions Internship
  • MI 420 Summer Missions Internship
  • MI 421 Semester Missions Internship
Missions Electives (5 hours of the following)
  • Any MI, EV, PM, CE, LA, PHI, PR, PSY, GRK, HEB courses with approval

* Those students who fail to take and pass the computer proficiency examination must take IT 101

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