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Master of Arts in Christian Studies

The Master of Arts in Christian Studies is designed as a research degree to equip pastors, church staff members, educators, missionaries, and other Christian workers who desire to develop advanced skills in academic research and understanding, knowledge of the literature of the discipline, interpreting and delivering the Christian message, leading churches, and conducting various Christian ministries.  The MA in Christian Studies will require the student to complete thirty semester hours of study organized in the following structure:

M.A. in Christian Studies Course Requirements | 30 Total Hours

Core Requirements (9 hours)

  • GR 501 Introduction to Graduate Research (3 hours)
  • GR 680 Comprehensive Examination (0 hours)
  • GR 690 Graduate Thesis (6 hours)

Area of Concentration (12 hours)

  • Biblical Studies (BS) Concentration OR
  • Christian Ministry (CM) Concentration

Electives (9 hours)

Students will complete a comprehensive examination before registering for GR 690.

GR 501 and GR 680 will be offered each Summer- and January-term. GR 690 will be offered every regular semester as needed by students who are reaching the end of the program. All other courses will be offered on a rotation basis with four courses offered every regular semester, two courses offered every January (students can only take one), and two courses offered every summer.

College Catalog

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