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May 27, 2010

Press Photo

A BCF student shares her faith in Brazil.

The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville's registered trademark of "Changing the World Through the Unchanging Word®" is exemplified in the far-reaching connections established by members of the faculty and students as they spend their summer vacations sharing the love of Christ in destinations around the globe. These world changers come from different backgrounds, different places, and different walks of life. But they all share two things in common: they are all faculty or students at The Baptist College of Florida and they all are investing time this summer doing missions.

"We have an amazing bunch of students at BCF," commented BCF Missions Professor Rich Elligson. "They don't just come to learn, they come to 'do.' Dozens of our students have taken up the challenge to do more than just 'spend the summer.' They are investing in Kingdom work." Students from virtually every degree program are spending anywhere from one week to two months doing on-site, hands-on mission work. "One group started as a team going with a partnering church to Ghana, West Africa for a two week project," Elligson shared. "The next thing I knew, I was getting phone calls from them wanting to stay for the whole summer. So we spent the next few months working out details and by God's grace, it all worked out." That team left the day after graduation and will not be returning until sometime in July. "I hope the Baptists in Ghana know what they're in for!" Elligson quipped.

For the past four years, BCF Professor of Voice Kimberle Moon has traveled to Italy to perform and teach. Last year, Moon booked and taught nine workshops including Anatomy and Physiology of the Voice, English Diction and Vocal Health and Hygiene. She worked with professionals, amateurs and high school students. Moon will return this summer with BCF pianist Tanya Hobbie and one of her former students, Lori Slade. These three women comprise the musical theatre team assembled to train and illustrate various musical techniques as well as share their faith. "Tanya and I will be teaching the musical theatre numbers to the workshop participants while Lori choreographs the numbers for the performance at the end of the week," said Moon. "This is going to be such great fun!"

In addition to Africa and Italy, BCF faculty and students will be working in eight different states here in the U.S. and in ten foreign countries over the summer. Some are participating as part of class work; others are doing it for the experience. But all are doing it because they share a deep burden to spread God's love and His saving message. "It's not because I have to go," said BCF junior Ben Bean, who will be spending three weeks in the Amazon River Basin. "It's because I want to. It's part of who I am, and part of what I want to be." Like all of the BCF students involved in missions this summer, Ben is excited about the opportunity to put his faith into action.