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September 27, 2010

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BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen Announces the Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership.

During the recent meltdown of our national and international economy, many have asked what has happened to ethics and morality in the marketplace. That is a legitimate question that has been addressed by the faculty and administration of The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville. Their response has come in the form of a new Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership. The program was approved by the College's accrediting agency in September. Some classes in the field are already being offered, and the complete degree program is scheduled to begin in January 2011.

Dr. Thomas A. Kinchen, President of BCF, noted that, "We have the choice of accepting the current situation as the 'new normal', or we can respond by educating and training a new generation of business leaders who will bring their Christian character to the workplace. We have some fine folks in the field already, but the current situation shows that they need help in order to turn us back to a business climate reflective of our Christian principles."

The new Business Leadership degree at BCF will carry a requirement of 26 semester hours of Biblical and Theological Studies in addition to the General Education Foundation and Business Major Concentration. Graduates will be well positioned and equipped to serve in various positions in the local church, denominational offices and the larger community. "We are about the business of producing Christian Leaders who will serve in the field of Business," stated Kinchen. "Our world is crying out for Godly leaders in the church and in the marketplace."

For further information on the new Business Leadership degree offered at The Baptist College of Florida, contact 800.328.2660 ext. 460.