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September 20, 2010

Press Photo

BCF Lady Eagles make history at the volleyball tournament in Pensacola.

The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) Lady Eagles Volleyball team made history on Saturday, September 18, when they won their first official game since becoming members of the NCCAA.

After a prayer by BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen, the Eagles boarded the bus for Pensacola, the location of their first tournament of the season. The Eagles took the court on Friday night as the underdogs and left their opponent stunned. Set one in the match went to the wire as the Eagles closed the gap with an impressive 21 points to Concordia College's 25. Eager for the second round, the Eagles came from behind 8 points to tie the game at 24. The second set went to Concordia as they edged ahead and scored the necessary 2 points to win; final score 26-24. The Eagles played hard as the ball went back and forth across the net during the final set. The end result was 25-19 Concordia, but for BCF fans, it was a taste of winning.

The second day of play for the Lady Eagles started with an early morning lap around the pool, a light breakfast, and conditioning. Arriving at the sports arena a little after 8:00 a.m., BCF was ready for game day! During the first two matches, BCF returned hard hit spikes and powerhouse serves remaining united against two seasoned teams. With each set, they sharpened their skills bringing them closer and closer to something they hadn't achieved yet, a win.

Dressed in white shirts for the first time, BCF began their final match against Judson College. The first set went to Judson. Never losing hope, the Eagles gathered around the coach before the second set and prayed arm in arm to simply do their very best. The second game gave BCF the desires of their heart as they came up with a win, 25-22. Euphoria broke out in the gym as BCF fans realized what just occurred. Game three went to Judson 25-15, but the Lady Eagles came back to win game four, 27-25. The last game of the tournament would put BCF against Judson in a tie breaker match -- the best three out of five. The first team reaching 15 points with a 2 point lead wins the match. Points were hard earned, with the final scored Judson 15, BCF 11.

It was a historic day in the life of The Baptist College of Florida as the 2010 Lady Eagles were the first team to win an official game since the college joined the NCCAA. Last years' inaugural volleyball team came close to a win on several occasions, but it was this year's team that will remember Saturday, September 18 when they made history.

The 2010 BCF Lady Eagles Volleyball Team includes: Mary Auger, Stephanie Morrison, Melanie Edmondson, Nicole Hedrick, Melody Rogers, Kristen LeFebre, Janelle Pratt, Jessica Harris, Christian Brown, returning player Anda Scott, and Coach Rachel Goodman Lauen.