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July 26, 2011

Press Photo

Dr. Richie Allen, LINC-UP Ministries Director and BCF Alumnus, shares a word in Chapel about what God is doing in Brazil.

According to LINC-UP Ministries Director Richie Allen, since The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) program of study in Brazil was approved by the Baptist State Convention of Maranhao and the Brazilian Home Mission Board, there have been numerous requests for the BCF classes. Three new training sites with a total of 110 new students have been established just this past month.

"In one of our sites, I am thrilled to report that we already have some second generation leaders," stated Allen. "These are men and women who have been won to faith and discipled by the graduates from our first class in Brazil in 2008." BCF graduates are able to convey with confidence the material that they have learned in class and they quickly assume the role of teacher instead of student.

Allen initially approached BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen in hopes of establishing a strong Bible-based, evangelical training program for Brazilian Pastors. "Probably neither of us knew the full implications of what would transpire when we initiated this project nearly five years ago," stated Allen. "And honestly, it will probably take eternity to measure the impact of this joint endeavor. However, this I do know, Northeastern Brazil is being changed by the Unchanging Word."

Allen regularly forwards updates on what is happening at the Brazil site and encourages recipients of the correspondence to pray for the harvest of Brazil. In his latest email, Allen stated that good things continue to happen in the jungle as people are being saved, churches are being established and pastors are being trained and equipped. Allen shared an amazing story of one new village where the gospel was shared and the patriarchal leader felt threatened. The leader quickly issued an order that the gospel message could not be shared. However, it was too late because his son had already been saved and convinced him to reverse the order.

Allen stated that when the men and women enter the field with the knowledge and skills they've been taught, they have an enormous impact for the Kingdom, "Christ is building His church!"

For information about LINC-UP Ministries and the certificate program offered through The Baptist College of Florida, contact 800-328-2660 ext. 460.