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November 29, 2012

Press Photo

BCF Dean of Faculty and Chair of the Theology Division Robin Jumper (far right) awards certificates to Brazilian leadership graduates.

Over 5 years ago, a partnership began between The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) and LINC-UP Missions, Inc. with the goal of providing well trained leadership for the new church plants in northeast Brazil. The BCF Leadership Certificate Program was a result of that partnership and is specifically designed to be completed within eighteen months, providing Brazilian ministers with the resources and techniques of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ to Brazil.

The first leadership graduation ceremony was held in December, 2008. This semester, three graduations were held in various locations in Brazil. BCF Dean of Faculty and Chair of the Theology Division Robin Jumper preached the graduation sermon and awarded certificates on behalf of BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen.

Jumper arrived in Sao Luis, Brazil, Thursday, November 1, and was met by missionaries Richie and Heather Allen. Richie Allen is a BCF graduate, former trustee, and director of LINC-UP Missions, Inc. On Friday, November 2, they traveled to First Baptist Church in Penalva, Brazil for the first graduation where 27 certificates were awarded. On Saturday, November 3, the second graduation was held at First Baptist Church in Cururupu, Brazil where 38 certificates were awarded. Jumper led a Bible study Sunday morning in Cururupu, and then Sunday night, November 4, the third graduation was held at First Baptist Church in Santa Helena where 24 certificates were awarded.

Each graduation ceremony, Jumper preached with a translator from Mathew 28:18 reminding the students that Jesus, who has the authority over heaven and earth, is the authority behind the Great Commission. He encouraged the students and reminded them that as they adhere to the command to make disciples, they are doing so with Jesus' authority.

With standing room only, each church was packed with people as family and friends gathered in support of their graduates. The churches had special decorations and music for the occasion, representing several congregations from around the area.

"I have never seen students more appreciative of their training, their graduation ceremony, and their certificates," stated Jumper. "The graduates were very appreciative of their opportunity for training, for their certificates, and for the work of The Baptist College of Florida."

The primary objective of the certificate training program is to prepare and equip students for ministry in villages beyond their own, particularly in the 700 unreached villages of the Quilombolas, an unreached people group of northeast Brazil. The program clearly demonstrates the commitment of the BCF family to carry out the Great Commission of the Lord and champion the registered trademark of "Changing the World through the Unchanging Word®."

Press Photo

BCF Dean of Faculty and Chair of the Theology Division Robin Jumper awards certificates to Brazilian leadership graduates.

Press Photo

Brazilian students receive BCF leadership certificates.