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July 31, 2012

Press Photo

BCF Dean of Faculty Robin Jumper meets with a group of new students last semester to make sure they understand the degree requirements and how to register.

Earning a ministry degree from the comfort of home or having the opportunity to attend classes just around the corner is becoming more common than ever. In meeting that challenge, The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville continues to expand degree opportunities for men and women preparing for areas of leadership and service. By increasing the number of courses available online and opening two additional distance site locations (Central Florida in Orlando and Panama City), The Baptist College of Florida degree programs fit the busy lifestyle of today's learners.

BCF's extensive and innovative online delivery system and multiple distance site locations provide students with the opportunity to reach their lifelong educational goals without having to relocate. In addition to the degree programs offered online, courses are available through the First Baptist Church of Central Florida in Orlando, Family of God Baptist Church located in Panama City, First Baptist Church in Jacksonville, First Baptist Church in Orlando, and Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola.

Currently, students can earn an Associate of Divinity degree, Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Studies or Bachelor of Arts in Christian Studies completely online or at one of the distance sites. Students can also take the theological classes and general education courses required for other degrees that are offered on the Graceville campus.

The upcoming course schedule and admission procedures can be obtained through the website (baptistcollege.edu) or by contacting the Admissions Office at 800-328-2660 x 460.