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January 31, 2012

Press Photo

BUDD Builders Lynn Gay and Shelba Knight show off their BCF shirts while working in the Marketing Office.

Carrying a hammer, paint brush, sewing machine and plenty of thread, The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville enthusiastically welcomed back the BUDD Builders from Missouri. Supporting the mission of the college, the BUDD's (Builders Under Divine Direction) are an eclectic group of retired men and women who travel to BCF each year and share Christ's love through their selfless works of service around the campus. They are typically found behind the scenes hard at work on campus and throughout the Graceville community. They are on missions at BCF and have captured the very heart of the area.

"When we first started coming to Graceville, there was a tremendous need," BUDD Builder Shelba Knight stated. "We're here to serve the Lord and help wherever we can."

Knight and friend Lynn Gay have been coming to the Graceville campus and working for several years with the BUDD Builders. Most recently they have been spending their mornings working in the Marketing Office and answering the switchboard phones. In the afternoons, they join other BUDD ladies down in the Log Cabin at Heritage Village where they sew quilts, lap pads, and other items to distribute. The beautiful handmade quilts are delivered throughout the community and many of the items sewn are provided to children's charities and organizations which raise funds and awareness of Christ's love. "They need to be shown love," explained BUDD Karen Mahoney. "Many of these kids have no clue what love is. It's our job to show them Christ's love. That's why we quilt."

While many of the ladies are busy quilting and sewing, the men are hard at work on special projects to improve the BCF campus and make it safe. Whether working in the dorms, housing areas, inside classrooms, or in Heritage Village, they are painting, trimming, laying down floors, and contributing to the general maintenance of the campus. The BUDD Builders have been offering their skills to the BCF campus for over ten years. For many of the BUDD Builders, BCF has become a second home. "We love coming back! We're family! We're home!" Mahoney exclaims.

For more information about opportunities to volunteer on the BCF campus, call 800-328-2660.