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February 15, 2012

Press Photo

Assistant Director of Marketing and WFBU Operational Manager Matthew LeHew poses with the Tiger Cub Den of Cub Scout Pack 339 at the WFBU radio station.

The Cub Scout Pack 339 from Chipley, Fla., received an exciting treat on Tuesday, February 7, as they toured The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville's radio station, 94.7 WFBU. The young scouts met with Assistant Director of Marketing and WFBU Operational Manager Matthew LeHew as he explained the broadcast equipment and the work that goes into producing some of the inspirational and uplifting programming regularly featured on the station.

"I really enjoyed giving the Cub Scout Pack 339 a tour of the radio station. Their earnestness to learn and ask questions makes for an enjoyable experience for any radio employee," stated LeHew. During the tour for the station, LeHew demonstrated the technical aspects of the soundboard, microphones, phone tap, and live show procedures for the group, who are part of the Tiger Cub Den, the first year of the Cub Scout program. Part of the process for earning their Tiger Cub Badge involves touring a radio or TV station, which fulfills their communication requirement.

LeHew explained to the Cub Scouts in detail the required tasks of employees who work in the station, including hosting live shows, creating music playlist rotations, and making the radio spots and sponsorship agreements that help WFBU reach and impact the community. At the end of the tour, LeHew turned on the microphones and let Pack 339 take turns talking into them.

The radio station is part of the college's communication curriculum, with every student in the foundational COM 200 -- Introduction to Public Speaking course spending a morning co-hosting The Morning Show, which airs on WFBU every weekday morning from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. CST, with LeHew.

WFBU is the 24/7 low-power radio station owned and operated by The Baptist College of Florida. It can be heard on 94.7 FM in Graceville or online at www.wfbu.com from anywhere in the world.