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May 4, 2012

Press Photo

Field Missionary Mike Hoffmann of the Church Planting Group at the Florida Baptist Convention leads the Church Planting Conference at The Baptist College of Florida.

An enthusiastic buzz filled Cypress Hall at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville, as more than fifty eager participants arrived for the "Discovering Church Planting" conference. Presented by the Florida Baptist Convention and hosted by BCF, the conference facilitators challenged faculty, students, local ministers, associational leaders, and others that attended to consider church planting as a ministry.

Led by active Florida church planters, participants were encouraged to examine their call, individual personalities, spiritual giftedness, and level of commitment to church planting. "This is our 'kick the tires, check it out, and see if it might be for you' conference," explained Mike Hoffmann, Field Missionary of the Church Planting Group at the Florida Baptist Convention. "Church planting is challenging work, and it's not for everybody. But if God calls you into it, you'll never be satisfied doing anything else."

"Our Lord began the business of Church Planting, and we have been commissioned to continue it," stated BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen. "Southern Baptists and Florida Baptists have embraced the prospect of planting and cultivating Bible preaching churches across the land, and The Baptist College of Florida is delighted to be a primary training station in this venture. We do our best work when Convention staff and College staff work together to promote the growth of His Kingdom.

For convention representatives and BCF organizers, the conference was a monumental success. The event was the largest of its kind ever presented in Florida. "We normally plan for about 15 people at these meetings," explained Hoffmann. "But as the BCF conference pre-registration swelled, we realized what a great opportunity we had to introduce new workers to the harvest."

Beyond the huge response, the conference was successful in its dual-objective: exposing potential workers to the challenges and rewards of the church planting ministry, and recruiting new workers for the field.

"The information presented was both vital and pertinent to our calling," commented BCF senior Gerald Kirby. "Dr. Elligson taught our church planting class that the Kingdom of God is expressed here on earth in local bodies of believers called churches. So it seems to me the more churches we start, the more people we can reach for the Kingdom. And that's why we are here."

For more information on opportunities to equip church planters, contact 800-328-2660 ext. 460.