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May 9, 2013

Press Photo

BCF President Honor's City Employees.

Recently Dr. Thomas A. Kinchen, President of The Baptist College of Florida (BCF), welcomed what he called "a very special group" of guests to the campus. The group was made up of employees and commissioners of the college's hometown of Graceville, Florida. According to Kinchen, "The Baptist College of Florida is truly blessed to be a part of the Graceville community. There are many folks who work very hard to make this a special place, and often they go unnoticed or unappreciated. We call on them only when something is wrong or when we have a complaint. We simply wanted to take the time to thank these folks and assure them that their work is deeply appreciated."

City of Graceville employees and commissioners were invited to the BCF campus where they were treated to a delicious steak lunch in the President's dining room. Kinchen noted that while one lunch could never repay these special people for all that they do, he hoped that they would realize that they are truly appreciated for their contribution to the college and the community. "While Graceville has been characterized as the city Where the Living is Easy," stated Kinchen, "the work of making that true is very hard. These folks deserve our thanks and respect, and we wanted them to know that at BCF they get both!"

Press Photo


Press Photo