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BCF Press Release



September 21, 2016

Press Photo

BCF students explore the Biblical History Center in LaGrange, GA.

On Friday, September 16, two buses filled with students from The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville made their way to LaGrange, Georgie to the Explorations in Antiquity's Biblical History Center. In an attempt to make Biblical history come alive, BCF Dean of Students and History Professor Roger Richards arranged to take his Western Civilization class to LaGrange to experience firsthand the goat hair tents, real olive presses, an authentic 15 dish Last Supper meal, walk down an ancient market street, and enter a sheepfold enclosure with cave and manger. Eager students were able to see life-sized replicas of Old Testament and New Testament style tombs and look at actual artifacts from Israel that dated back to the time of King Solomon, and earlier.

"I believe that it is important for students who would not normally have the opportunity to visit the Holy Land, to be able to see a real live replica of what life would have been like during the Biblical periods," stated Richards. "I was blessed to have the opportunity to visit Israel while I was serving as a Chaplain in the military. Taking the class to LaGrange was much more conducive for students to get the feel for the land where Jesus walked."

Founded in 2005, the Biblical Center in LaGrange is home to hundreds of Israeli artifacts, and the center caretakers provide guided tours that accurately portray life in ancient Israel. BCF students were able to more clearly comprehend the Bible stories they have heard all of their lives and appreciate the historical significance by seeing the archaeological replicas. As one of the caretakers explained to the BCF students, "See how the story jumps off the page!"

For more information on history classes taught at The Baptist College of Florida, contact 850-263-3261. For information on the Biblical History Center, access the website: www.explorationsinantiquity.com.