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BCF Press Release



August 24, 2016

Press Photo

BCF Student Samantha Kinchen served as Assistant Chaplain to the USA Boxing Team during the 2016 Olympics.

Just like the rest of the world, the faculty, students and staff at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville appreciated the tremendous athletic ability on display at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. For many BCF students, the dream of attending the Olympics is just that, a dream. However, one BCF student not only attended the Olympics, but found herself right in the middle of the action as she shared her faith and the redemptive story of Christ during the Olympic Games.

BCF student Samantha Kinchen, granddaughter of President Thomas A. Kinchen and First Lady Ruth Ann, is an established boxing contender and National gold medal winner who started boxing at the age of 12. Even though Kinchen finished fifth in her weight division and didn't qualify for this year's Olympic Boxing Team, she was convinced that the Lord had placed the desire to go to Rio in her heart for a reason. Kinchen had her sights set on competing while in Rio; whereas, the Lord used her for something far more valuable than medals. Through an unprecedented, but clearly Divine sequence of events, Kinchen was invited to travel with the USA Boxing Team to Rio to serve as an Assistant Chaplain.

"They always used to call me, when I was on Team USA, Pastor Sam," stated Kinchen. "It was kind of like a joke, but it's not a joke to me. It’s a lifestyle. My role at the Olympics was not to compete physically, but to go and fight for people's eternities." According to Kinchen, it was amazing to see how the Lord orchestrated all of the events through boxing in her life to ultimately use it for His glory. "He has graciously given me back my passion so that I can use it for Him," said Kinchen.

In addition to multiple boxing titles, Kinchen earned the 2012 National Pal Champion, 2012 Junior National Champion, 2013 National Golden Gloves Champion, 2013 USA Boxing Youth National Champion, 2013 Youth World Champions Bronze Medalist and 2020 Team USA hopeful. Among all of her accolades, Kinchen is quick to point out that her greatest joy was in leading several of her teammates to faith in Christ. "My #RoadtoRio showed me that God is a God of the impossible,” stated Kinchen. "He blessed me with this unbelievable experience where I not only got to see His loving character and handiwork, but was able to share His life changing message in such an amazing city at the 2016 Olympic Games."

As Kinchen shared her faith and heart for Christ through her passion, she stands solid as another example of how students attending The Baptist College of Florida are adamant about "Changing the World Through the Unchanging Word.®" The overwhelming lifestyle of evangelism in the life of Kinchen and other BCF students gives testimony to how BCF is equipping the next greatest generation of Christian leaders to carry the Gospel around the world.

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