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BCF Press Release



August 18, 2016

Press Photo

BCF Business Majors Hollis Prange, Rebeka Brown and Roselyn Zaiter.

As part of the degree requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Business Leadership at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville, students are required to participate in a 180-hour internship. This summer, three of the students enrolled in the degree program were given opportunities to learn and grow in their particular areas of interest within business.

BCF Business Major Roselyn Zaiter served as an intern to Houston County Alabama's Deputy Chief Probate Clerk Leanne Richardson and was able to work with the Judge of Probate Patrick Davenport. Zaiter observed all facets of Probate Court from the courtroom experience to accounting. She attended many hearings with the judge, specifically related to commitments and administration, though her main project for the summer was to assist the Chief Probate Clerk in resolving open cases from as far back as 1920 and updating filing systems.

"For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to attend law school and become an attorney," stated Zaiter. "Up until very recently, however, I did not know what direction I wanted to take. I knew God had called me to ministry in an unconventional way, through law, but I was very hesitant as to how that would work out. When I met Judge Davenport, who is very strong in his faith, he encouraged me to pursue my passion for the law because he has seen over the years how God can use it for His Glory. This internship strengthened my calling to pursue law and pointed me in the direction I want to take with my law degree. After seeing how God can use the special relationships that a judge and the probate lawyers can have with their clients, I now know that I need to pursue an area of law that is designed to help people and develop relationships with them. I learned that not every area of law is necessarily filled with excitement like many people think, but people rely on lawyers to help them in so many areas of life that there are great opportunities for sharing the Gospel in each one of them."

Another intern participant was BCF Business Major Hollis Prange who served over the summer as the marketing intern at Wiregrass Hope Group in Dothan, Alabama. As the marketing intern, Prange helped plan upcoming fundraising events, assisted with the annual Baby Bottle Boomerang, created and updated marketing material, as well as developed and managed their social media accounts. Prange also stated that she gained some valuable experience working in the pregnancy resource center and with the local ministry event "WIRED."

"It was amazing to see the lives of women changed at Wiregrass Hope as they went through the parenting program and Bible studies," stated Prange. "It was incredible watching fathers take the initiative to join the fatherhood programs and become leaders within their homes. Marketing is the area of business that I have a passion for and I was able to solidify that this is where God wants me to be. Whether it pertained to marketing or personal development, every day I was able to gain useful knowledge that will not only help presently, but also within my future marketing career."

BCF Business Major Rebeka Brown also had an extraordinary internship experienceas she served as the e-commerce and website development intern for Eagle Eye Outfitters in Dothan, Alabama. Brown's main job was to assist in the development of the e-commerce side of the website that is set to launch in the fall. Her internship responsibilities required her to build a catalog of product images and create descriptions for each product to be sold online. Brown's internship will continue into a part-time position where she will later help with the management of the website and the processing of orders. "Being a part of the Eagle Eye family this summer was incredible," stated Brown. "I was taught by some wonderful leaders and surrounded by great coworkers. Eagle Eye is a business that shines the light of Christ in all that they do. Working for them has broadened my mind further to all of the possibilities before me and the potential I will have to use my business degree in a way that honors God no matter where I am."

Associate Business Professor Chantel Oney was very proud of the students and their completed internships. "When considering the internships completed by Hollis, Rebeka, and Roselyn over the summer, it truly showcases the versatility of having a degree in business.  Business students have a plethora of options at their disposal after graduation whether it is in the area of accounting, finance, non-profit work, legal, marketing, etc.  The marketplace is ripe for not simply individuals who possess a degree in business, but those who bring an overwhelming sense of integrity and ethics to the field of business.  This is one of the key elements that establishes and sets the business program at BCF apart from others is that our students leave this institution with not only the acquired knowledge of business principles and concepts, but a strong self-awareness of their call to impact God's Kingdom regardless of where they serve," Oney beamed.

At BCF, the faculty, staff and students are doing just that by "Changing the World Through the Unchanging Word®" regardless of major. "I always tell the students within the business program that you are called to serve God strongly and confidently in the workplace," Oney continued. "If you serve in a corporate setting or a more rural setting, we are commissioned by God to work wholeheartedly as doing everything unto the Lord."

For more information about the Business Leadership degree at The Baptist College of Florida or to learn more about the 23 degrees offered, please call 800.328.2660 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.