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BCF Press Release



March 3, 2016

Press Photo

Ed and Willie Kleinschmidt repainted and repaired the wooden benches located on The Baptist College of Florida campus.

Press Photo

Volunteers Marlene Bailey, Lynn “Izzy” Gay, Shelba Knight and Jim Bailey took advantage of the photo booth during Preview Day!

For the past thirteen years, the BUDD (Building Under Divine Direction) Builders have travelled to the campus of The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville to lend a helping hand of service by volunteering in various capacities. The BUDDs are a group of retired school teachers, laborers, carpenters, business executives, and homemakers that volunteer and travel to wherever the Lord leads them.

This year, the BUDDs have served in a variety of ways including decorating the Wellness Center for Lakeside Echo, passing out information during the recent Hoppers Concert, and assisting the BCF Marketing Team in preparations for the upcoming Preview Day to be held on March 11 and the Evening of Class scheduled for April 29. The BUDD volunteers have given incalculable hours of service to help out around the campus while always being such an encouragement. “They make us feel appreciated both inside and outside the office,” stated BCF Admissions Counselor and Administrative Assistant Malia Parrish, “They are extremely talented and have no problem serving wherever they are needed.”

The BUDDs not only work inside the office spaces but also make noticeable improvements and repairs on the campus grounds. This year, BUDD volunteers Ed and Willie Kleinschmidt from Festus, Missouri, spent hours repainting and repairing the wooden benches located throughout the courtyard in front of the Student Center. In addition to the Kleinschmidt’s, long-time BUDD volunteers Lynn Gay, Shelba Knight, and the husband and wife team of Jim and Marlene Bailey, have picked up sticks, ironed tablecloths, and are considered an integral part of the BCF family. Over the years, many of the BUDD volunteers camp out in Heritage Village, located on the BCF campus, spreading joy with everyone they encountered. “They travel down here all the way from Missouri just to help out and that’s pretty amazing,” continued Parrish.

These servant volunteers have been a tremendous blessing to The Baptist College of Florida as they have given of their time and resources to support the mission of training the next greatest generation of Christian leaders. For more information on how to be involved in volunteering on The Baptist College of Florida campus, please call 800.328.2660 ext. 486 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.