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BCF Press Release



February 4, 2016

Press Photo

BCF Music Professor Ron Branning conducts the Jazz Band and College Orchestra at The Baptist College of Florida.

On Friday, February 12, The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville will host the Florida Bandmasters Association (FBA) District 2 Solo and Ensemble Festival. The festival will feature over 600 students from grades 6-12 representing over 20 schools from Jackson, Washington, Walton, Holmes, Bay, Calhoun and Gulf counties.

Throughout the festival, students will play their prepared solo or ensemble pieces for one of the ten FBA certified adjudicators on-site for an evaluation of their performance. Students select their pieces from a state adopted music list that is arranged according to grade level with a correlation between the age of the student and the difficulty of the composition. Performances are scheduled every 10 minutes with the official adjudicators listening to each student and providing a written and oral evaluation, as well as a rating. The rating scale for student performances ranges from 1 to 5, with 1 being a superior rating and 5 being a poor rating.

“This is a great opportunity for students to improve their musicianship on a multitude of instruments,” stated BCF Professor of Instrumental Music Ron Branning. “I think it is great that we can host an event like this where students can get such great feedback on their performances. It really helps them develop into better musicians.”

For more information on upcoming events within The Music and Worship Division or to learn more about the Music degrees offered at The Baptist College of Florida, please call 800.328.2660 ext. 427 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.