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BCF Press Release



February 14, 2017

Press Photo

Reading Specialist Kay Kincl shares reading techniques and strategies with BCF teacher education students during the Spring 2017 Education Symposium.

On February 7, the Teacher-Education Division at The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville hosted a timely and beneficial Education Symposium for students pursuing a teaching degree. As part of BCF's outstanding curriculum, education students at BCF were able to take advantage of the symposium focusing on "Reading Strength Training."

The guest presenter for this semester's Education Symposium was Reading Specialist Kay Kincl. Kincl is the Founder of Reading Strength Training, Inc., (RST) and a Reading Intervention Specialist at Florida State University in Tallahassee. The primary objective of RST is to help elementary students overcome reading deficiencies and help prepare and equip educators to deal with these issues.

"The Spring 2017 Education Symposium explored strategies to enhance struggling readers as they navigate through difficult text," stated Teacher Education Division Chair Susan Wegmann. "BCF students heard from Mrs. Kay Kincl, a Reading Specialist in the Tallahassee area, who shared her successes with tutoring. Most attendees were freshmen and sophomores in the education programs who haven't had any teaching classes yet, and they seemed excited to begin their learning journeys in the field. The juniors and seniors in attendance gained some strategies that they can implement as they currently work with students in classrooms."

Not only did the symposium help to broaden their knowledge base and equip BCF education students for success through instruction, but it also reinforced the importance of building relationships and network. "Professional development times are always enlightening as ideas are shared and relationships are strengthened," stated Wegmann.

To learn more about the Teacher Education Division or all 23 degrees and programs offered at The Baptist College of Florida, please call 800.328.2660 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.