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BCF Press Release



April 5, 2017

Press Photo

Dr. Thomas A. Kinchen accepts the award for Best Value School by University Research and Review.

In recent weeks, The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) in Graceville has been honored multiple times in relation to outstanding academic excellence and high ranking affordability of degree programs. This semester, BCF was named a Best Value School by University Research and Review, a Most Affordable Online College for English Degrees by SR Education Group, and the Best Online School in Florida by The Community for Accredited Online Schools (TCAOS). TCASO also recognized BCF as having one of the Best Online History Degrees, naming BCF among the best colleges offering online learning in the nation.

Being named a Best Value School by University Research and Review demonstrates the commitment that BCF has to providing quality Christian education at a great value. This award is granted through the nomination and committee evaluation process where BCF was chosen having passed the rigorous standards including a combination of cost, accreditation, variety and quality of school programs, and student satisfaction.

The English program at BCF was recognized for affordability as SR Education Group. "This ranking represents schools across the nation that are making an effort to provide economical options for students seeking online degrees," stated SR Education Group Representative Patrick Hyde. "Due to exceptional affordability, The Baptist College of Florida is ranked 3rd in English Degrees." The ranking further cements BCF in the realm of affordable colleges. "In my opinion, the ability to offer such strong academic content in the area of English and literature at the cost The Baptist College of Florida affords is incomparable," stated BCF General Education Division Chair David Grier.

In addition to the multiple honors BCF received for affordability, three honors for academic excellence were awarded to the college by TCAOS. "We wanted to highlight schools like The Baptist College of Florida, who are providing exceptional education programs online," said Doug Jones, CEO and Founder of TCAOS. "These colleges offer an outstanding educational experience, upholding rigorous accreditation standards and show an overall commitment to maximizing student success." Top schools are determined by a scoring system that uses value-based methodology, analyzing several qualitative and quantitative data points.

In addition to being named among the best colleges in the nation for online learning, TCAOS also named BCF a Best Online School in Florida and recognized BCF as having a Best Online History Degree. "I am both gratified and humbled by our program's selection," stated BCF Dean of Students and Associate Professor of History and Christian Studies Roger Richards. "BCF's students are among the best anywhere and I am proud of all of those who are a part of this program."

Though the recognitions for BCF continue to demonstrate academic excellence at an affordable price, the honor of leading the charge in preparing the next greatest generation of Christian leaders is at the forefront of BCF faculty and staff. "To be included in any ranking of top online schools is always an honor, but the greater honor is knowing that we are training Christian leaders for the Lord’s work," stated BCF Academic Dean Robin Jumper. "Most of our distinctives and qualities cannot be measured. The Baptist College of Florida provides quality education that is spiritually vital, biblically and theologically solid, and prepares Christian leaders for the Lord’s work in the real world. This ranking simply is another way that affirms that we are doing a quality job."

To learn more about how The Baptist College of Florida is truly "Changing the World Through the Unchanging Word®" please call 800.328.2660 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.