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BCF Press Release



February 6, 2017

Press Photo

BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen welcomes new Trustees Marvin Pittman, Doug Nellums, and Rich Kincl to the board.

Press Photo

Newly elected officers: Vice Chairman Larry Taylor, Secretary Dianne Lovett, Chairman Tim Maynard, BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen, and immediate Past Chairman Bob Carlton.

When the Board of Trustees of The Baptist College of Florida (BCF) met in Graceville in January 2017, the weather was the primary topic of discussion. This was not a conversation about whether anyone liked the current weather, but talk centered on the rash of deadly weather events that have raked the southeastern states in recent weeks. BCF President Thomas A. Kinchen told trustees, "We simply must do everything possible to ensure that our campus family is afforded the highest level of protection. We are entrusted with these precious lives, and their safety is a sacred responsibility." Trustees enthusiastically approved a plan whereby four tornado rated storm shelters will be installed on the campus in Graceville. According to Kinchen, the shelters are rated for 400 mile per hour winds and 200 mile per hour projectiles. They will provide shelter adequate for an F5 rated tornado or for any workplace violence that might occur.

"There is no doubt that God has His hand all over this process," Kinchen noted. "The company that is providing the shelters is providing BCF with the very finest in protection at a mere fraction of the retail costs. They had shelters available in exactly the right sizes for the various areas on our campus and they were to work with us on discount pricing. We are very grateful to these fellow believers who have walked along beside us in this vital venture."

Trustees welcomed five new members to the board. Members beginning their terms of service include: Doug Nellums form Pensacola, Al Guettler from Chipley, Rich Kincl from Tallahassee, Ronny Raines from Bradfordville, and Marvin Pittman from Bartow. "These men bring a rich history of service to our Lord and His church," stated Kinchen. "They represent the finest folks among our laymen and pastors from across Florida. We are delighted to welcome them to the Board of Trustees."

The board elected new officers for 2017 to include: Chairman Tim Maynard from Fruit Cove, Vice Chairman Larry Taylor from Leesburg, Secretary Dianne Lovett from Tangerine, and recognized immediate Past Chairman Bob Carlton from Green Cove Springs,

Trustees approved a recommendation to amend the 2016-2017 Operating Budget with a cut of $100,000 from the budget that was approved in May, 2016. According to the college president, "This is a very small cut in the budget, and it is a precautionary action rather than a reaction to unexpected conditions. God continues to provide for this great school." Trustees received and approved the audit report for the college. The audit report showed that the college received an "unmodified opinion" which is the highest rating that an institution can receive.

The board received several reports of developments in curriculum, campus life, and the expansion of the physical facilities of the institution. For more information on the Board of Trustees or degree programs offered at The Baptist College of Florida, please call 800.328.2660 or visit the website at www.baptistcollege.edu.